the project

Chateau de La Salle is a 25-year project that seeks to bring life to the forgotten and underused lands and buildings of the estate in a way that brings significant benefit to individuals, our community, region and the world at large.

Situated in the tranquil surroundings of Burgundy in France, Chateau de la Salle is a castle estate with over six-hundred acres of land and 90,000 square-feet of buildings. That is a lot of space to fill – an estate the size of Monaco with twice the indoor floorspace of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

From growing food to foraging in our forests, yoga retreats to hackathons, this is a place where you can grow your projects just as we grow alongside you.

For those who come here, this project is about much more than restoring antiquated buildings; we are using the chateau grounds to form a diverse community of forward-thinking people who share our values and feel the same sense of belonging to Chateau de La Salle as we do.

To visit Chateau de La Salle is to share an experience with individuals from different backgrounds, to meet interesting people and explore ideas. Chateau de La Salle is more than a place where people come to stay; it is a home from home, a place to return to.


the story so far

Over the past year we have been working hard to transform a heritage site into a space to think, space to create and space to gather. Here’s what has happened so far.



our community

Our mission at Chateau de La Salle is not simply to offer people a place to stay but to create a thriving community that can grow from the estate and flourish all over the world.