our community

Our mission at Chateau de La Salle is not simply to offer people a place to stay but to create a thriving community that can grow from the estate and flourish all over the world.

Our community has grown to encompass a diverse group of individuals. To name but a few, a current community members include a Renaissance sword fighting champion, a doctor in philosophy, a documentary filmmaker, a positive psychologist, a tech entrepreneur, a neuroscientist and an artisan baker.

No matter how diverse we are, our community is united by a shared set of values, outlined below. We use these to help guide our actions as a project and as individuals in our daily lives.

start with simple

Every great something has to begin somewhere. We are fans of prototypes and beta tests, using our spaces to dream big and create small sketches and plans of things that can evolve, improve and flower into something much much more.

work with the grain

Like a piece of wood, each place and each person has its own unique character. At Chateau de La Salle, we embrace these particularities and put them at the heart of our discussions, debates, projects and plans.

bring others in

Chateau de La Salle is supercharged by relationships with a wide variety of people and places beyond its physical footprint. From the local artisans to the NGO network in nearby Geneva and ambitious entrepreneurs and poetic dreamers the world over.

give more than you get

People talk about sustainable neutrality but here at Chateau de La Salle we do not believe that is enough. In our social lives, our professional lives, and in our ecological footprint, we aspire to be a net positive presence.